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The Role of Concrete Mixer Pump Machine In Rural Region

The development of town and village promotes the need for house and road building. Building materials must be produced for the construction project, and people must be hired to transport those goods from their source to the building site.

concrete mixer pump trailer factory.jpgA major constraint is the fact that they are, unfortunately, rural. The areas where they are needed are often difficult to access, qualified construction workers are fewer, investment capital is no so much. Concrete, as a main construction material, how to to produce it?

A new kind of the concrete mixers is born for solving this problem, that is, concrete mixer pump machine. The concrete mixer pump for sale combines the concrete mixing and concrete transportation into one machine, greatly reducing the number of operators. Labor saving is the main reason for rural construction customers to buy concrete mixing pump .

Specifically speaking, concrete mixer pump for sale has the following advantages:

1. High work efficiency

Take Haomei concrete mixer pump for example. Its max theory concrete output is 40 m3/h, which is higher than the speed o artificially mixing concrete. Its operation is very simple and can realize transportation at the same time.

2. Huge price advantage

It is of small size, good pumping performance and cost-effective. This price advantage is very attractive fro those customers who want to buy concrete equipment with limited budget. Besides, its maintain cost is also very low.

3. Less time and less troubleportable concrete mixer with pump.jpg

Small body and simple structure make it flexible to move among different construction sites, especially for narrow construction sites.

4. Good quality concrete

People's requirements for concrete has been improving with the higher requirement for building house. The concrete quality produced by portable concrete mixer with pump is much better than artificial mixing quality.

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