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Different Types of Concrete Mixing Plants for Sale

At present, there are more and more customers investing in concrete mixing plant for sale. For those who have not built mixing plants, they must have a general understanding of the model, category and price of concrete mixing plants. That will help you them make a right choice.

The concrete batching plant is currently indispensable concrete mixing equipment for construction projects at home and abroad. The specifications and models of the mixing plant are named according to its hourly output. For example, the hzs60 concrete batching plant for sale refers to the theoretical concrete production per hour is 60 m3/h.

The common models are HZS25,HZS35, HZS50, HZS60, HZS75, HZS90, YHZS25, YHZS35, YHZS60,etc. These types have different classification categories according to different standards:

1. According to the layout

The stationary concrete batching plant for sale is of a relatively large structure and is not easy to move. It is suitable for long-term production. Under normal circumstances, it adopts direct feeding and mixing. It is suitable for the commercial concrete production and the large-scale projects such as bridges and dams.

The main parts of the mobile concrete plant is all installed on a chassis, which can be moved with a tractor. It is often used in some temporary engineering projects with a small amount of work, such as highways.

2. According to the purpose of use

The produced concrete is mainly used for commercial sale. There are certain requirements for the production efficiency and mixing quality of the mixing plant. The commercial concrete mixing plants generally have a higher configuration.

The engineering concrete mixing plant, also called the simple concrete mixing plant. The produced concrete is for the present construction projects.

3. According to the operating form

It can be divided into two types: periodic and continuous. The difference between the two is that the operation of the periodic type is according to a certain cycle while the continuous type is of the continuous feeding and discharging.

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