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The Current Development of Stationary Concrete Plant in China

Modern concrete is the most widely used material in construction. With the continuous expansion of urban construction, especially with the increase of people's requirements for civilized construction and environmental protection, commercial concrete has been increasingly used in urban construction. The demand for concrete is increasing year by year, and concrete mixing plant have also developed rapidly.

1577355461873511.jpgSince the born of the first stationary concrete batch plant, the development of concrete batch plant has stepped into a mature period. At present, the stationary batching plants of Germany, the United States, Italy and Japan are in leading position in terms of technology and reliability.

Although our stationary concrete batching plant started later, it has also made great progress in order to meet the needs of large-scale construction at home. A variety of concrete mixing plants have been developed and put into the use.

At present, the capacity of domestic stationary rmc plant is 15-180 m3/h. From the manufacturing cost and structural analysis, the concrete mixer is generally not less than 1m³, but not more than 3m³.

With a solid basis, appropriate introduction of foreign advanced technology and special R&D to overcome key technologies, the technological level of some Chinese stationary concrete plant manufacturers has reached or exceeded the foreign advanced levels. The performance of domestic stationary concrete plant in production efficiency, energy consumption and environmental protection has greatly improved.

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