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Electric Diesel Concrete Mini Mixer for Sale

The diesel concrete mixer machine usually belongs to the concrete mini mixer for sale. It is specially designed for remote areas without electricity, where mechanized construction cannot be realized. Its principle is to install a diesel power generation system on the basis of the existing mixer, which provides power for the machine to ensure normal working.

The diesel concrete mixer is driven by the diesel drive and and does not require any electricity connection when working. Its performance is very stable and its work efficiency is high. It can not only solve the problem of electricity consumption in field construction, but also help to complete the field construction efficiently.

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JZ series are usually driven by the diesel engine. Turn forward to stir and reverse to discharge. JZM stands for friction transmission. JZC stands for gear transmission. Compared with JZC concrete mixer, JZM concrete mixer’s mixing tank wall thickness is high, up o 80mm. Generally, the industry defaults to JZM series as the enlarged and thickened version of JZC series products.

The twin shaft concrete mixer also has some small models. The twin-shaft mixer is the most commonly used mixer on the market. It has two horizontal mixing shafts with a number of mixing blades installed on the shafts. The horizontal twin-shaft concrete mixer can be used to mix various fluid and hard concrete.

The theoretical output of JS500 concrete mixer is 25m3/h. Its input is 800L and discharge 500L, almost 0.5m3 per 60s. It can be used alone or as the mixing host of HZS25 concrete batching plant. It is suitable for small and medium projects, roads, bridges and hydro projects.

JS750 concrete mixer is an advanced concrete mixer at home and broad, featuring high automation, good mixing quality, low energy consumption, easy operation, fast discharging speed and long service life. It is applicable to the plastic, dry hard and light aggregate and mortar.

Haomei Machinery mainly provides rich models of twin shaft concrete mixers. We also have JZC/JZM concrete mixers for wholesale. Welcome to leave message below to inquire electric and diesel concrete mixer machine price.

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