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How to Choose Concrete Mixer for Hollow Blocks

Whether it is a no-fire brick machine, a hollow brick machine, aerated foam brick machine, a concrete brick machine, a block brick machine production line, etc., they are mainly composed of brick machine, concrete production equipment, forming machines, palletizers and other equipment. As a necessity in the brick machine production line equipment, the concrete mixer has an irreplaceable position in the entire production line.

The main job of the concrete mixer is to mix the raw materials according to a certain ratio in the preliminary work of the brick machine. The quality of the bricks produced by the brick machine is directly related to the mixing performance of the concrete mixer.

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The concrete mixer for bricks is to mix cement, slag, flash ash, etc. The mixing blades in the concrete mixer allow the materials to fully mix during the mixing process, so that the materials are mixed more evenly and fully. The mixers have different sizes of capacity and power, which can be selected according to needs. A suitable model is the preferred supporting product for various cement brick machines.

It is suitable for mixing semi-dry or semi-wet materials, and the mixing efficiency is higher than that of ordinary mixers. The concrete mixer machine includes a transmission system, mixing system, unloading system, mixing barrel, etc., together with a control system and a batching system.

The transmission system of the cement mixer adopts a hard-tooth surface reducer. The mixing system includes a mixing arm, a quadrilateral mixing blade (can be turned over 180° for repeated use), and a scraper arm. Multiple mixing arms and blades are distributed in different directions at reasonable angles.

The discharge door switch of the concrete mixer for hollow blocks is available in pneumatic and hydraulic modes. There is a sealing device on the discharge door to ensure the overall sealing. The upper-mounted waterway device helps solve the problem of residual additives and water. The nozzle is of a spiral type, with a fine and even atomization effect, a large coverage area, and more even mixing.

There are two types of concrete mixer for hollow blocks on the market, one is the forced mixer and the other is the drum concrete mixer. Drum mixing is only suitable for mixing materials such as cement. When making concrete bricks such as building blocks, we may need to mix a variety of materials. If these materials are not fully mixed, the concrete brick machine equipment may be damaged.

It is precisely because of the special requirements for raw materials used by brick machine equipment to produce blocks that ordinary drum mixers cannot fully mix the raw materials. In this case, forced mixer equipment like twin shaft concrete mixer or planetary concrete mixer must be used.

The vertical shaft planetary mixer supporting the brick machine production line can be assembled with many devices. For example, the temperature and humidity tester can test the temperature and humidity inside the cylinder to ensure the quality requirements of the brick products.

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