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How to Prevent The Failure of Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

The automatic concrete block making machine is to make full use of the waste resources such as fly ash, river sand, sea sand, mountain sand, mineral powder, slag, stone powder, coal slag, coal gangue, tailings slag, chemical slag,etc., to produce bricks.

According to different molds, the shape can be pressed into standard bricks, perforated bricks, blind-hole bricks, hollow bricks, paving bricks and bricks with special needs. The basic configuration of the production line generally includes batching machine, mixer, conveyor belt, hydraulic brick machine, palletizer, etc.

automatic hydraulic concrete block making machine.jpgDuring its usage, how to prevent the failure of hydraulic concrete block making machine? There are three tips.

1. The right operation of the automatic concrete brick making machine is the key to reducing accidents. In order to realize the scientific management of the hollow block making machine, we should build perfect equipment use and maintenance system and safety management system.

2. The necessary safety protection devices shall be equipped, such as protective covers, railings or fence doors to avoid personal and equipment accidents. Safety devices include locking components, buffer devices and overload devices, restricting devices, pressure limiting devices, locking devices, braking devices, etc. All necessary alarm devices should be installed.

3. The necessary environmental conditions must be created for the use, installation and maintenance of the concrete brick making machine. For example, the space should not be too narrow and should be clean and tidy, and of good lighting.

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