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The Manufacturing Process of Concrete Brick Making Machine

The automatic non-burn concrete brick making machine make full use of the waste resources for the production of new ECO-friendly wall materials, realizing energy saving and waste reduction. The basic configuration of the production line generally includes batching machine, mixer, conveyor belt, hydraulic brick machine,palletizer, etc.


The batching machine is an automatic batching equipment used in conjunction with the mixer. It can automatically complete the batching process of 3 to 6 materials such as sand, stone, and cement according to the concrete mixing ratio designed by the user.

The mixer mix all the materials together to get a mixture. The conveyor belt conveys the mixture smoothly into the hydraulic brick machine to be pressed into the shape. Different models can produce the concrete bricks of different specifications.

The finished concrete brick is conveyed from the inside to the pallletizer, which will palletizes the block products into shapes for easy stacking. Finally, the concrete brick will be placed in the drying area to dry.

In the manufacturing process, there is a trolley controlled by the hydraulic oil cylinder to do the round-trip operation on the rail to convey the material in the hopper to the mold inside the cement block making machine.

This concrete brick making machine is automatic, no burning and ECO-friendly. Its raw material is easy to get and cheap, so it is a good choice to buy one. Welcome to inquire concrete block machine price from Haomei Machinery.

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