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How to Judge The Abnormal Braking Of Self Mixing Concrete Truck

Safety is the most important for the driving. The self mixing concrete truck is a special truck for the concrete mixing and transportation. It has a high center of gravity, and the road conditions are generally poor. Therefore, more attention should be paid to driving safety.

The brake is one of the most frequently used components on the self loading concrete machine. Whether the brake performance is good or bad has great effect on the safety of the entire vehicle. The driver of the mixer must learn the skills of judging the abnormal brake to avoid the happening of serious accidents.

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There are several conditions for you attention:

1. When the driver steps on the brake, the brake system emits a sharp and harsh metal friction sound. This may be because the brake pads become thinner or there are foreign objects in the brake pads, or the brake disk is rusted. As a result, under normal circumstances, the abnormal noise will be relieved by several stepping on the brakes.

2. The brake pedal stroke becomes longer. The reason for the longer brake stroke is mainly due to the air in the brake system ,the lack of brake fluid or the seriously worn brake pads. There may exist the leakage of brake fluid.

3. Brake deviation. It is mainly reflected in the steering wheel deflecting to one side when stepping on the brake. The cause of this phenomenon may be the uneven wear of the brake pads or the abnormal situation of the brake cylinder.

4. The brakes become hard to step. he main reason for the hardening of the brakes is the failure of the vacuum booster to cause the brakes to have no power or the frequent brake stepping.

5. The brake pedal rebounds when the brake pedal is depressed. This phenomenon is mostly due to the uneven surface of the brake disc and brake pad, and deformation of the steel ring.

There are just parts of the problems with the brake system. During the driving of the self loading concrete mixer machine factory, if you feel that the brakes are not normal, you must stop to check the reason. Fixing in time contributes to the the driver’s safety and ensuring the normal using of the machine.

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