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Why Is the Counter-current Mixer More and More Popular

The counter-current mixers has been a hit mixer in the construction industry in recent years. For most materials, the mixers has uniform mixing performance with high speed. The reason why the counter current mixers is so popular is because of it quality.

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How to evaluate the quality of a planetary mixer? It can be judged from the aspects of device quality and using quality. The equipment quality of the planetary concrete mixer reflected in the reduction of production cost, construction cost, maintenance cost and equipment failure rate.

In recent years, the planetary mixer is not only used in construction, building materials, concrete, but also widely used in light industry, refractory industry, casting, ceramics,etc.

As for the using quality, the mixing performance of planetary mixer is widely acclaimed by the customers. The even mixing performance of the planetary mixer is owed to the full mixing in different directions and no dead angle. The materials in the tank has both the horizontal and vertical movement, similar with the movement of the planets.

It also has strong mixing force but will not damage the material. And the diversified discharge modes including pneumatic and hydraulic discharging ways can be chosen according to the practical situation.

Although more and more people are considering this mixer, the relatively high cost of planetary mixer than twin shaft mixer catches the people’s steps. Haomei Machinery offers you a better price.

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