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Concrete Block Making Machine in South Africa

In the beginning of June 2021, a set of automatic concrete block machine has been put into production in South Africa. To realize the automatic production of the whole production line, our customers also bought a JS500 concrete mixer, a twin shaft concrete mixer.

Its main body is installed and fixed on a flat and hard concrete floor. The machine production requires a pallet. In principle, the height of the bricks that can be produced ranges from 5 to 23 cm. The bricks of other heights need to be demonstrated by the technical department.

In addition to JS500 concrete mixer, other auxiliary equipment has 50T-100T cement silo according to customer requirements), and a JQ350 vertical mixer (according to customer requirements) and a 6-meter conveyor belt.

Haomei Machinery has rich models of automatic concrete block making machines with different production scale. And we can provide special solution according to your requirements and budget. Welcome to leave message below to inquire it or send inquiry directly to feedom@haomei-machinery.com

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