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How to Protect PDC of Auto Brick Making Machine

The PLC control system is the brain of the auto brick making machine,which controls the orderly progress of the entire production process. Generally speaking, the PLC control system is collected in the power distribution cabinet( PDC) of the brick making machine.

Since the the control process of the PLC control system is complicated, there will be a lot of circuits in the power distribution cabinet. If there is something wrong, it can seriously influence the whole production process, therefore the protection for the PDC is very important. How to do?

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1. Check whether the power supply of the hydraulic concrete block making machine is connected well before starting to use it. The power supply is 380V three phase alternating current. Have a look of whether the voltage display is normal and each part and switch is loose or damaged.

2. The start method of different parts are different. You should follow the user guide to operate, otherwise, you may cause the damage to these parts.

3. Touch the screen with a clean hand, don’t scratch or hit the screen with hard objects.

4. In case of thunderstorms, the production shall be suspended and all power supplies shall be closed. The electric control box should be well grounded.

Since the PDC plays an important role in the production process of concrete brick making machines, it will delay production if there is a failure and it is very troublesome to repair. As a concrete block making machine manufacturer, Haomei Machinery will provide a detailed manual guide if you buy one from us.

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