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12 Big Advantages of Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant

Stationary asphalt mixing plant is a superior asphalt plant. What are its advantages? Here we take Haomei asphalt batch mix plant for example.

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The advantages of Haomei asphalt batch mix plant for sale includes 12 aspects:

1. Modular cold material distribution system.

2. Efficient and energy-saving drying and heating system.

3. High-strength bucket lifting system with O decibel silent backstop.

4. Screening system based on rigorous tests.

5. Weighing system with high accuracy and good stability.

6. Uniform and efficient large circulation three-dimensional stirring system.

7. The adjustable gravity design of dust size and high pressure pulse bag dust removal system that meets the requirements of strict environmental standards.

8. Vertical new and old powder silos and diversified powder supply system.

9. Quick installation of modular asphalt supply system.

10. Finished product storage system with low failure rate and excellent thermal insulation effect.

11. Pneumatic circuit system using internationally renowned brand air compressors and high-quality pneumatic components

12. PC + PLC control system with independent intellectual property rights, which is of simple and stable operation.

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