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How to Use Vibrating Screen of Stationary Asphalt Plant

vibrating screen.jpgVibrating screen for sale is one of the four main parts of stationary asphalt plant. It consists of vibrator, screen, screen body, guardrail, motor and maintenance cover.

The vibrating screen is to screen the different sizes of the aggregates which is mixed together during the drying process, so as to accurately measure and grade before mixing.

Haomei screen is made of high-strength manganese steel and the bearing is of Japanese NSK or Swedish SKF brand, which greatly improves the reliability of the product.

Daily check is very necessary to vibrating screen and the whole asphalt mix plant. There are three tips for you:

vibrating screen effect of asphalt plant.jpg1.Check if there is abnormal situation during the screening process on a daily basis.

2.After each batch, check the whether the temperature of the bearing seat is normal, and add grease.

3.Check the fasteners of the screens, side panels, beams, and screen body are normal and deal with the problems in time if found.

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