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How Much Is China Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant

The China mobile concrete mixing plant is a very favorable choice in the highly mobile projects. How much is the mobile mixing plant? Is it expensive? Lets have a look together.

In terms of the mobile concrete batching plant price, the first thing to be involved is the models. There are many models of the mobile concrete mixing plants such as HZS25, HZS35, HZS60 and HZS75 concrete batching plant, covering small and medium size. The customers can first consider which model to choose according to their own needs.

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The configuration of mobile concrete mixing plant is relatively fixed, except for some specially customized parts. There are different grades of concrete mixer and the weighing component for the customers to choose. If the customer has a limited budget, we will also adjust the equipment appropriately to meet customer needs as much as possible.

The mobile mixing plant requires a trailer truck head, which is not included in the mobile mixing plant. The customers can buy or rent one for their mobile concrete mixing plant. Since the main structure of the mixing plant is made of steel, the quality of the steel material determines the quality of the mixing plant to a large extent. A reasonable price is a guarantee for the quality.

The price of steel of same grade will not differ too much. If the mobile concrete mixing plant price is too low, its quality may also be very low. As one of the big China mobile concrete batching plant suppliers, Haomei Machinery spares no effort to provide high cost effective mobile concrete plants.

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