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The Advantages of Portable Cement Plant

The portable cement plant is a concrete production equipment that integrates the material storage, mixing, conveying, unloading, weighing and automatic control systems of the concrete mixing plant into a trailer unit. It has the following advantages:

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1. It adopts trailer design, which is convenient to transfer and quick to start work again. It is equipped with generator and air compressor, ensuring reliable operation and environmental protection.

2. It has three working modes: manual, semi-automatic, and full-automatic. The free switch of three models can ensure continuous production. High measurement accuracy and automatic compensation ensure the accurate ratio, thus providing guarantee for the concrete quality.

3. Since it is closer to the construction sites, it helps to greatly save the transportation cost and time. It also will reduce concrete quality degradation caused by long-term transportation.

4. The quality and slump of concrete can be controlled on site, which saves waste caused by substandard quality.

5. It is an excellent concrete mixing equipment to expand business. It can go anywhere it is needed. Self-use and renting are both available.

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