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Three Installation Methods of Concrete Batch Plant

After selling a set of concrete batch plant to the customer, Haomei Machinery, as a concrete batching plant manufacturer, will provide the user with installation drawings and training instructions for the installation.

The choice of the layout method of the concrete mixing plant needs to be selected according to the actual situation of different users. There are three installation methods: vertical, horizontal and mobile.

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Vertical installation method generally refers to the concrete mixing tower. With this type of arrangement, the concrete materials only need lifting once and then fall down by weight to each process. Its advantage is simplifying the whole process, shortening the measurement time and greatly improving the production efficiency.

The disadvantages is that it is of complex structure, high manufacturing cost, and difficult removal after installation. It is generally only applicable to large national construction projects.

Horizontal installation method refers to the common stationary concrete plant. The material is first lifted to the storage hopper. After weighing, it is lifted to the mixer again.

The stationary concrete plant is of relatively simple structure, reasonable manufacturing cost, and small building height. The disadvantage is that the material needs to be lifted twice and the efficiency is not as good as the concrete mixing tower.

Mobile installation is for the portable concrete batch plant. It is designed for those construction projects with frequent transfer, especially highways construction. All the parts are installed on the same chassis and can be trailed by a tractor to other places. Its disadvantages is that most of its models are not large. The common models are YHZS25,35,60 and 75. If you need one of them, welcome to contact us.

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