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What Are The Advantages of Portable Concrete Batch Plant

The biggest feature of the portable concrete batch plant is its strong mobility. It is widely used for hydraulic engineering, bridge engineering, tunnel engineering,etc. where commercial concrete plant is not suitable or it is not suitable for building stationary concrete plant.

Haomei mini mobile batching plant finished installation in Kenya.jpgIn addition to making up for the shortcomings of stationary mixing stations, what advantages does the portable concrete plant itself have in engineering use?

Novel Design, Compact Structure

What we do is to improve its convenience. Haomei Machinery has optimized the structure that the overall structure is compact and is of less land occupancy. That makes Haomei mobile concrete plant have stronger adaptability for the construction sites.

High cost-effective

With rich experience and stable cooperation with upstream parts manufacturers, Haomei Machinery can offer you a better price with better quality. We choose the lining board with the high thickness,which makes the concrete mixer more wear resistant and better stability, especially when dealing with the different external environments of different projects.

Convenient Maintenance

If the contractor buys a stationary concrete plant, it needs to make a very large foundation and must wait until the drawings of the mixing plant come out. The mobile concrete mixing plant only needs a hardened and flat ground.

In terms of maintenance, since the structure of the mobile mixing plant is very simple, its maintenance is very convenient. When encountering simple projects and temporary projects, Haomei Machinery will recommend this mobile concrete plant for you.

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