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How to Ensure the Metering Accuracy of Batch Type Hot Mix Plant

Metering accuracy is a solid basis for the production of qualified asphalt. How to ensure the metering accuracy? Haomei batch type hot mix plant has made many improvements.

1578391858173358.jpgHot Aggregate Metering System

  1. We adopt internationally known Mettler Toledo sensor, which is of automatic error compensation.

  2. The measuring bucket has a built-in pressure relief pipe, and the weighing signal is stable and accurate.

  3. Quick close of the pneumatic discharge door brings small impulse.

  4. Weighing sequence of Haomei stationary asphalt plant is set reasonably to prevent partial load.

Powder Metering System

  1. The powder is measured by a double screw conveyor, and the old and new powders are measured in proportion.

  2. The ore powder weighing bucket has a pressure relief device.

  3. The outlet of the metering screw conveyor is equipped with a fast pneumatic butterfly valve with a small impulse.

Asphalt Metering System

  1. Haomei hot mix asphalt plant adopts two-stage asphalt spill-proof protection device

  2. The asphalt weighing tank is provided with a thermal insulation layer, and the tank body, the spray pump and the conveying pipeline are insulated by the thermal oil.

  3. High-pressure shower spraying patented structure, spraying efficiently and evenly

  4. Asphalt twice measurements ensure the accurate and stable mixing ratio during the whole process.

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