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Which Kind of Asphalt Plant Burner to Choose

The cold material can't be mixed evenly with the asphalt. The drying and heating is a necessary step for the production of quality asphalt concrete. During this process, we need a burner to provide heat.

There are generally three kinds of asphalt plant burners: Coal burner, oil burner and gas burner.

asphalt plant burner.jpgSince the pollution caused by the burning of the coal is relatively heavier compared with other fuels, coal burner is not allowed in many countries, but it is a cheaper burning way.

The coal burner of our hot mix asphalt plant has the following features:

  1. Portable model. It is easy to move, reducing labor intensity.

  2. Automatic ignition. It is safe and reliable.

  3. Automatic temperature control to ensure stable material temperature

  4. Automatic rotation. It is helpful for preventing furnace slagging and increase life.

The oil burner we adopt is applicable for light oil, heavy oil, blending oil and even coal tar. At he same time, full burning also improves heating efficiency.

The gas burner is a little expensive. If there is rich gas resource in your places, it will also be a good choice. Gas burning is a relatively clean burning way.

Different choices of burners will have some effect on the total asphalt plant operating costs. You can make the most economical choice according to your countries laws and your budget. Our recommendation is oil burner,which is the best from a comprehensive view.

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