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The Main Parts of Batch Plant for Sale

The batch plant for sale can quickly produce uniform and high-quality hard concrete, mortar concrete, plastic concrete,etc. What does it consist of ? The China concrete batching plant is is composed of five parts: concrete mixer, material weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system and control system.

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Concrete mixer

The concrete mixer is the heart of concrete batching plant. It is mainly responsible for the mixing of admixtures, concrete, water and sand. The concrete quality has a great relationship with the concrete mixer. At present, no matter it is a stationary concrete batching plant or mobile concrete plant, we usually choose twin shaft concrete mixer.

PLD batching machine

The batching machine, as its name implies, is a machine for distributing materials. After being weighed by the PLD batching machine, various materials will be sent to the mixer for mixing. There are different bins for different kinds of raw materials.

Belt conveyor and Hopper

The concrete mixing plant is divided into hopper feeding and belt feeding. The hopper feeding is of small space, but it is intermittent feeding. The production volume is lower than the continuous feeding of the belt conveyor. With unique design, Haomei belt conveyor is of stable feeding and long life.

The cement silo is a closed storage silo, suitable for storing various materials such as grain, cement, fly ash, etc. The cement silo is equipped with a material level system that can display the location and amount of the material. The material in the cement silo is transported to the mixer through the screw conveyor at the lower end of the cement silo.

Control system

Haomei batch plant has an independent control room, and the operator can control the entire concrete mixing plant in it, which is comfortable, convenient and fast. It can print on-duty records and batching reports.

It also has alarm function, automatic zero adjustment, automatic accumulation, automatic continuous production function, thereby improving production efficiency. There are more features for our customers to find. Welcome to leave message below to get a batching plant cost.

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