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What Are The Basic Operation Tips of Portable Concrete Plant

The portable concrete plant consists of a a batching system, a metering system, a mixing system and a control system. The operation of the mixing systems plays an important role in the normal operation of the whole plant.

What are the basic operation tips? There are five tips that the construction contractor should pay attention to.

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1. The mobile concrete batching plant should be installed on a solid foundation. The height of the loading platform, unloading platform and dump truck should be properly adjusted and fixed. Tires and support frames are not allowed as support. We also should set up smash-proof sheds to protect the safety of the personnel.

2. The operator of mobile concrete mixing plant must undergo professional training and can only be certified after passing the test. The whole plant only can start working after confirmation.

3. Before starting the work, we should ensure every part is OK.

  • Check and confirm the clutch and brake are normal.

  • Check whether the safety device, wire rope and other components are complete and intact.

  • Check whether there is foreign matter in the mixing tank.

  • Check the rotating direction of the mixing blades and the shaft.

4. After starting, it is allowed to feed afer the mixer reach the normal speed. Another batch can start after the fully dischargign. Don’t stop during the mixing process.

5. It is also necessary to pay attention to the regular maintenance of the small mobile concrete plant. The regular cleaning, lubrication, fastening and anti-corrosion measures will help to extend the service life of the mobile concrete plant.

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