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How to Check The Quality of Mobile Batching Plant For Sale

The mobile batching plant for sale is widely used for the temporary or small projects. It is more affordable for most construction contractors than the stationary one. After you get one, how to check its quality? There are three aspects.

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The overall appearance of mobile concrete plant

The main structure of a new mobile concrete batch plant has no obvious deformation, desoldering or cracking. The installation complies with the requirements, the parts and accessories are complete and the whole machine is tidy and without rust. There is no obvious accumulation of concrete in the machine.

The safety devices of mobile concrete plant

The new mobile concrete plant is sensitive and reliable in the upper and lower limit devices of the hopper. The clutch is effective in transmitting power and of complete separation and reliable braking. The type, quality and specifications of the steel wire rope comply with the regulations, and the wear and tear do not exceed the requirements.

The transmission device of the portable concrete plant

The transmission device of a quality portable concrete plant has the following features:

  • The transmission device runs smoothly.

  • The parts are connected reliably.

  • The axial and radial clearances meet the requirements.

  • The friction wear of the transmission wheel does not exceed the requirements.

  • The transmission belt is of proper tension and uniform force and no breakage.

  • The reduction gear box runs normally without abnormal noise and is well sealed.

  • The motor works without abnormal noise and the temperature rise meets the requirements.

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