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The Waste Water Treatment of Stationary Concrete Batch Plant

The stationary concrete batch plant will continuously discharge waste water during operation. It is a difficult problem for both the enterprise and the surrounding environment. When we encounters such a situation, it needs to introduce scientific means to deal with it.

Although the waste water is difficult to handle, it is impossible to get rid of it. First of all, we must clearly understand that we never should develop the economy at the sacrifice of the environmental pollution.

We need to build special waste water storage tanks to carry out the sedimentation process. The pool system includes a mud tank, a homogenization tank, and two clear water tanks.

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The process is to flow into the homogenization tank when the mud in the mud tank exceeds the height of the overflow port, then when the waster water in the homogenization tank exceeds the the height of the overflow port, it continues flowing into the first-stage clear water tank.

At this time, the timing slurry beater in the homogenization tank is in a non-working state. With the continuous rise of water levels, the water in the first-stage clear water tank flows to the second-stage clear water tank.

The water in the second-stage clear water tank can be used to wash the diluted concrete in the mixer truck and the washing tank.

The slurry separated by the mud and sand separator can be adjusted in the homogenization tank and manually measured to meet the reuse requirements.

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