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Top Five Factors in The Choice of Ready Mix Trucks for Sale

The rising of many developing countries bring a lot of infrastructure. The requirements for the construction equipment like concrete batch plant, concrete pump and ready mix trucks are in high demand.

4.JPGSince the investment for a stationary concrete batch plant is very large, many owners will choose to cooperate with concrete mixer truck companies instead of equipping the truck themselves. So the concrete truck business is also promising.

For starting your own concrete truck business, you need to buy ready mix concrete mixer trucks. There are top five factors in the choice of ready mix trucks: tank volume, tank quality, rear axle,tire and chassis.

The bigger the tank volume, the bigger the capacity of a ready mix truck. This also means the ready mix concrete truck price is higher. Another 细节18.JPGfactor we should consider is the road condition. A 10 yard concrete truck can drive well on the city road, but it may meet some troubles on the country road.

The abrasion resistance of the mixing tank decides its service life. Most well known cement truck manufacturers like Haomei will choose good wear-resistance material. Besides, the thickness of the tank should be over 6 mm.

As for the rear axle, if the road conditions are flat, a single drive axle is enough. If the road conditions are of potholes and stones, a wheel reductor is better. For the tire and chassis, you can choose according to your budget and practical need.

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