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The Daily Management of Portable Asphalt Plant

In terms of production, management is an important step to ensure efficient work. The equipment management of portable asphalt plant mainly covers three aspects: lubrication, maintenance plan and the related accessories examination.

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Of these three, the most important to the lubrication of each parts. The reason why the portable asphalt mixing plant has some failure problems is mostly caused by the the inadequate lubrication work.

Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a corresponding equipment maintenance plan, especially to do the lubrication of key parts. Once the key parts do not work, its replacement and maintenance work is usually relatively complicated, thus affecting the work efficiency.

Then, a corresponding maintenance and inspection plan must be formulated according to actual situation. This is good for solving the failures of the asphalt plant in the first time. For those easily-damaged spare parts such as lines, screen and blades, a regular inspection should be arranged. Timely replacement can be made according to the degree of wear and production task.

Since the mobile asphalt plant is usually located in a remote places, the purchase of accessories is relatively difficult. It is recommended to purchase a certain amount of accessories in advance, so that they can be replaced in time when problems occur.

In addition, the safety management of the entire production process can not be ignored. In order to do a good job of safety management of the asphalt mixing plant, the corresponding precautions must be taken in advance

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