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What Are The Operation Tips of 42m Concrete Pump

To ensure the construction quality and high efficiency of 42m concrete pump, here are some operation tips for you and we will offer a more detailed guide book if you buy concrete pump truck from us:

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1. Check and timely replace the engine oil and coolant of the engine and gear oil of gearbox, transfer case and rotary reducer.

2. Check whether the fastening bolts and appearance of each axle wheel are normal and whether there is oil leakage.

3. Check whether the pressure of the concrete pump truck tire is normal. The tires should should be no cracks and damage. And the tire nut must not be loose.

4. Preheat the pump truck engine for 10 minutes, check whether the water temperature and oil pressure are normal, and whether there is air leakage in the chassis air circuit.

5. Check whether the booms and outriggers of the 42 meter concrete pump crack or loosen and add the lubrication oil in time.

6. Check the hydraulic system of the pump truck and add or replace the hydraulic oil in time. After a long period of parking, a lot of free water will precipitate at the bottom of the hydraulic oil tank. Before starting the machine, open the drain valve at the bottom of the fuel tank to drain water until the clear hydraulic oil flows out and then close the drain valve.

7. 42m concrete pump should be operated continuously.

8. When you find that the pressure gauge rises to the highest value, and the running sound changes, the pumping should be stopped immediately, and the reverse operation method should be used to eliminate pipeline blockage; if it is not effective, the pipe should be disassembled and cleaned.

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