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How to Solve The Noise of Mini Concrete Pump Truck

After a long-term use, some mini concrete pump truck will have some noise. What leads to this phenomenon and how to solve this problem. Let’s have a look.

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First of all, the biggest possibility is that the internal components of the hydraulic pump are excessively worn. Abrasion and strain of mating parts such as the cylinder body of the plunger pump and the valve plate, the plunger and the plunger hole can cause a lot of noise. At this time, you can renew or replace the severely worn and damaged components.

If the valve plate of the concrete boom pump truck is damaged, it can cause a lot of noise. In the normal repair process, the flow plate corrected by flat grinding will also show the result that the unloading groove is shortened. At this time, if it is not properly lengthened, , The pump truck will also generate greater noise.

The air suction phenomenon is another important reason for the high noise of the hydraulic pump. The oil filter of the hydraulic pump of the concrete pump trucks for sale, the oil inlet pipe is blocked or the oil viscosity is too high, can cause the high vacuum degree at the pump inlet to allow air to enter.

If the shaft end oil seal of the pumps is damaged, or the oil pipe is not well sealed, the air can also enter the pump. No matter what the reason is, if the noise of the hydraulic pump is too high, it should be repaired in time, so as not to affect the construction progress and cause major economic losses.

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