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What Is The Market of Automatic Concrete Block Machine

Red clay brick is a traditional brick material we are familiar with. However, with the improving awareness of environment protection, there is a new type of construction equipment, that is, automatic concrete block machine to produce concrete brick. Some customers ask Haomei Machinery if it is worth investing in the fully automatic block making machine. Let’s first make a comparison of the red brick and concrete brick.


The red brick is made of clay, shale, coal gangue, etc. It must be fired by an oxidizing flame at a temperature of about 900 ℃. So it is also called clay bricks. The common size is 240*115*53mm. It can be used as wall material, but also for chimneys, ground and foundations.

The red brick has many advantages such as certain strength, good durability, thermal insulation and sound insulation. The combination of bricks and cement mortar is also very good. However, its production is easy to cause the waste of land and environmental pollution, so it is gradually forbidden in many countries such as China.

The raw materials of the concrete brick is slag, fly ash, stones, sand, etc. After scientific proportioning and mixing with water, cement bricks can be produced by high-pressure pressing of hydraulic concrete block making machine.

The concrete brick is a kind of energy-saving wall material. It has high strength, good bearing seismic performance and excellent thermal insulation,and sound insulation performance. It also has good water resistance, strong decorative function, corrosion resistance, no pollution, which can provide a better living environment. More importantly, its production cycle is short, and the comprehensive cost is low, so it has a broad market.

It is not difficult to find that it is a trend that the concrete brick will replace the red brick. The hydraulic concrete block making machine, as a special machine for making concrete bricks, will also have a broad market.

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