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Why Is Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Factory So Popular

The twin shaft mixer is a mainstream kind of concrete mixer. Why is it so popular? In terms of the history of concrete mixers, the drum mixer appeared earlier than the twin shaft concrete mixer factory. The popularity of twin-shaft mixer has relationship with its mixing performance.

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The twin shaft concrete mixer is made up of transmission system, mixing tank, mixing shaft, mixing blades, shaft end seal,etc. During the mixing process, the cement, aggregate and additives form a uniform cement mixture under the push of the mixing blade.

This mixing method is much stronger than drum mixers and is suitable for various kinds of concrete such as dry hard concrete, semi-dry hard concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and various mortars.

Different customers, different construction periods and engineering quantities have different requirements on the capacity. JS twin shaft mixers has rich models with the capacity of 500L to 4000L for the customers to choose from.

The twin shaft concrete mixer factory features large batch and fast mixing. The twin-shaft mixers are mostly used as the mixing host of the commercial concrete mixing plant or for the on-site construction projects such as bridges, railways, airport,etc.

As a concrete mixer machine manufacturer, Haomei Machinery has eight types of twin shaft concrete mixers for you to choose from. Welcome to leave message below to get a quote.

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