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Why Should We Choose China Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

The twin-shaft mixer is widely used in various concrete projects with its remarkable characteristics and unparalleled advantages. Do you have some knowledge of it?

The China twin shaft concrete mixer can be used to mix various plastic, dry hard, lightweight aggregate concrete and various mortars. The mixing device has a streamlined design, low mixing resistance, smooth material movement. The blades are made of special material which reduce the possibility of the raw material sticking to the shaft. It mixing quality is very excellent.

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A combination of multiple sealing methods, and the reliable automatic lubrication system ensure the long-term reliability of the shaft end seal. The blades and liners are made of high-alloy wear-resistant materials, coupled with advanced heat treatment processes and design methods, having a long service life.

The mixing main reducer of China twin shaft concrete mixer is a special mixing reducer completely independently developed and designed with high efficiency, low noise, large torque, and strong impact resistance.

The structural layout and working mode of the twin-shaft mixer determine its application scope- mass concrete production with short times. Therefore it is mostly used for on-site construction or used in the commercial concrete batching plant.

With our own concrete mixer machine factory, Haomei Machinery has seven models of twin shaft concrete mixer. JS750 concrete mixer is the most popular one. Its output is 750L/H. Welcome to visit our product page to learn more.

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