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200 m3/h Wet Stationary Concrete Plants

The models of the wet stationary concrete plants are hzs25, hzs35, hzs50, hzs60, hzs75, hzs90, hzs120, hzs180 and hzs240. The model number of the station represents the theoretical output of concrete per hour.

A small hzs25 mixing plant can fully meets the daily output of 200 m3. Its investment is not large and the rate of return is high. The theoretical output of the hzs25 mixing plant is 25 cubic meters per hour. When it works for 10 hours a day, the daily output is 200-250m3 concrete, which can meet the above-mentioned daily concrete demand.

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A concrete mixing plant with an hourly output of 200 cubic meters requires a large-scale concrete batching plant. The HZS240 wet batch plant has a theoretical output of 240 cubic meters per hour, and the actual output is about 200 cubic meters per hour. If it takes 10 hours a day, it can produce 2000 cubic meters of concrete.

The material storage methods available for concrete are basically the same. Aggregates are stacked in the open air (large commercial concrete mixing plants in cities also have closed silos); powders are stored in completely closed cement silos; admixtures are stored in steel structure containers.

How much are these types of concrete batching plants? The complete set of equipment for concrete mixing plants includes PLD batching machine, concrete mixers, cement silos, screw conveyors, flat belts, inclined belts, weighing systems, electronic control systems, electrical systems, and control rooms.

The concrete batching plant cost has a lot to do with its configuration, such as the number of cement silos, the brand of the main mixers, the bins of the batching machine. All of these are determined according to customer needs.

The concrete batching plant quality and after-sales service also has some effect on its whole price, which has the following factors:

1. Whether the manufacturing of the concrete mixing plant has excellent craftsmanship (such as welded seam welding).

2. Whether the design of supporting facilities for concrete mixing plant is perfect.

3. The measurement system of the concrete mixing plant quality (such as whether the measured value is accurate).

4. Whether the concrete batching plant supplier provides installation service.

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