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What Is Blind Road Brick Making Machine

The blind road brick making machine is a brick equipment specially used to produce road bricks for blind road. It is a special facility that guides the disabled to walk safely. The blind road bricks are generally yellow, with small raised dots or straight roads with protrusions.

The bricks produced by Haomei blind road brick making machine can not only breathe and absorb water, but also the plants under the bricks can grow. The hardness is stronger than traditional floor tiles. In the whole paving process, the brick body is not easy to break, and the intact rate can reach more than 90%, so its price is about 20%-30% higher than that of traditional floor tiles.

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The blind road brick making machine also has two types. One is hydraulic concrete block making machine. It can produce permeable bricks, bread bricks, Dutch bricks, hollow block bricks, hexagonal bricks, etc., in addition to the blind bricks. It has the following advantages:

1. It is of fully automatic cycle operation, fault self-diagnosis display, and absolute safety performance.

2. The concealed oil circuit reduces the space occupied by the machine, while the shortened oil pipe makes the power stronger. The main components are imported from Germany, with greater pressure, which completely solve the easy oil leakage during the long-term operation.

3. The brick machine equipment adopts Mitsubishi (Germany Siemens) industrial PLC control system, which can realize man-machine dialogue, automatic operation, random signal analysis, automatic fault diagnosis and various parameter settings, so that the machine can achieve the best working effect.

4. The unique crank connecting rod structure and the forced feeding device completely solve the problem of raw material feeding during the production of some special kinds of bricks.

5. The mould is made of special steel with fine grinding and high-frequency carburizing treatment. It adopts a plug-in design and can be replaced within a few minutes, realizing multiple functions in one machine.

6. It uses the computer to control the flow and pressure of the hydraulic system to achieve vertical synchronous vibration, frequency conversion, and braking. The advanced form of compression and vibration of the table mold makes the concrete fully liquefied and exhausted within 2-3 seconds,making products reach high density and high strength.

Haomei Machinery has different kinds of concrete block machines. Welcome to leave message below to inquire concrete block making machine price.

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