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5 Yard Concrete Mixer

JS4000 concrete mixer, a kind of 5 yard concrete mixer, is a large-scale concrete mixer with good comprehensive performance. With reasonable design, novel structure and strong mixing capacity, it can be widely used in large and medium-sized commercial concrete mixing plant.

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JS4000 concrete mixer has the following advantages:

1. JS4000 concrete mixer is of high mixing efficiency and good uniformity. It adopts “Double spiral belt" replacing traditional blades, which shortens mixing time by more than 50%, and increases mixing uniformity by 15%.

2. It adopts new sealing technology and imported sealing components, bringing good sealing effect and longer service life.

3. High quality reducer. It is of reliable working performance and good quality.

4. The 5 yard concrete mixer is equipped with outstanding automatic lubrication pump, which adopts centralized oil supply.

5. The power "safety lock" ensures the operator’s safety.

6. The bearing hole of the mixing shaft of the twin shaft is processed by the large-scale CNC machines, ensuring the coaxiality and accuracy of the shaft.

7. It is coated with the long-lasting paint and polyurethane coating,which keeps bright color longer and provides better protection.

The 5 yard concrete mixer is usually used as the mixing host of HZS240 concrete batching plant. Welcome to leave message below to inquire this best price cement mixer.

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