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Concrete Mixer Machine Price List

The twin shaft mixer can dry hard, plastic, fluid, lightweight aggregate concrete and various mortars. The models of concrete mixer supply are JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000 and JS4000. The numbers represent the output of each batch. For example, JS500 means that the mixer discharges 0.5 m3.

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Haomei twin shaft concrete mixer also has the following performance advantages:

1. The electric oil pump can use NLGI oil to make the shaft end seal better and reduce lubrication oil consumption.

2. With scientific design of the mixing blades, it has better mixing performance and can meet the diverse needs of users.

3. The concrete slump in the mixer can be monitored at any time and adjusted to ensure the quality of concrete mixer.

4. The advanced design concept and reliable experimental data can greatly reduce the friction and impact of the material, and the material movement is more reasonable.

The specification of different types of concrete mixers


Discharging volume

Feeding volume


Aggregate size

Water supply accuracy


500 L

750 L

30 m3/h

80 mm



750 L

1200 L

35 m3/h

80 mm



1000 L

1600 L

50-60 m3/h

80 mm



1500 L

2400 L

90 m3/h

80 mm



2000 L

3000 L

120 m3/h

80 mm



3000 L

4500 L

180 m3/h

80 mm



4000 L

6000 L

240 m3/h

80 mm


Choosing a good JS twin-shaft concrete mixer can effectively guarantee the quality and efficiency of mixing concrete. Welcome to leave message below to get concrete mixer machine price list.

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