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Can The Planetary Mixer Be The Host of Mobile Concrete Plant

The mobile concrete plant usually uses the rotary mixer or twin shaft mixer. The planetary mixer is particularly suitable for users with particularly high requirements for the homogeneity and slump of the mixing material due to its characteristics of being able to revolve and rotate and the more even mixing effect. In addition, it is more suitable for mixing semi-dry materials or materials with high viscosity.


It is certain that planetary concrete mixer can be used as a mixing host for mobile concrete mixing plants. But it is mainly used in PC prefabricated component factories, pipe pile factories, ceramic production factories, etc. The place is relatively fixed and does not need to be transferred frequently, so it is more suitable for stationary concrete plant.

In addition, because the planetary mixer price is usually higher than JS concrete mixer and JZM drum mixer, it is not recommended to use planetary mixer as the host of mobile concrete batching plant.

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