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Different Types of Concrete Block Making Machine for Sale

The mobile concrete block machine has another popular name: egg laying brick machine, which moves itself to produce concrete blocks. The site is required to be flat and firm. The equipment has a small one-time investment, but the compactness of the formed blocks is not high, and the external dimensions are difficult to guarantee. According to the transmission mode of the block forming machine, it can be divided into three types: mechanical, hydraulic and manual.

The working process of this egg laying brick machine is as follows: After producing one batch of concrete bricks, it moves forward to the next operating position, the mold box falls and resets, and enters the next working cycle.


The interlock concrete brick machine is a kind of high-pressure brick machine, which is mainly composed of two parts: the main engine and the pump station. The pressurizing method is downward movement. The high pressure of this machine is 250-460 tons. It can press various chain bricks, square bricks, slope protection bricks, square bricks, and terrazzo bricks with a side length of less than 1 meter and a thickness of less than 550mm.

The pressing speed is medium, the material is fed on both sides, and the bricks are discharged on both sides. The machine only needs two people to operate. With great flexibility, it is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized cement products factories producing medium bricks and small bricks.

Automatic concrete block machine can produce pavement bricks, cement bricks, etc. with many inexpensive materials, such as: fly ash, sand, waste slag, waste stone powder, construction waste materials, etc. Its advantage is that the product has good consistency and strong ability to withstand pressure.

It adopts hydraulic drive, integrated oil circuit, electric control, and has the characteristics of high degree of automation, low noise, long service life, convenient operation, and compact structure. Haomei Machinery has all the mentioned concrete block machines. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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