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Hollow Block Solid Block Making Machine

The automatic concrete block making machine realizes the rational reuse of construction waste, fly ash, slag and other resources, reduces the excessive utilization of land and coal resources, improves the excessive waste and exploitation of resources, and achieves sustainable development of society.

The concrete blocks produced by the hollow or solid block making machine are of Using this kind of bricks to build buildings can improve people's living environment. More than 10 different specifications of non-fired bricks can be produced by changing the mold on one machine, such as hollow blocks, porous bricks and standard bricks.

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The solid concrete blocks are got by mixing cement, aggregates, admixtures, water, forming and curing. Its specification size is usually 240mm×115mm×53mm. It is mainly used for building walls.

Concrete hollow blocks are made of ordinary concrete materials such as cement, sand, and stone. Its hollow ratio is 25%~50%. Small concrete hollow blocks are suitable for various building walls in areas where the building earthquake design intensity is 8 degrees and below, including high-rise and long-span buildings. They can also be used for fences, bridges and flower beds, with a wide range of applications. The specification size is 390mm×190mm×190mm.

The whole production process is not complex. The concrete mixer mixes a variety of raw materials to form a mixture; the conveyor belt smoothly transports the evenly mixed materials to the timing unloading system of the hydraulic brick machine; the hydraulic brick machine presses the raw materials into shape, and can produce different specifications by replacing different molds. The brick unloading machine transports the block products from the inside of the block machine to the palletizer; the palletizer stacks the block products into regular shapes for easy stacking.

As a large-scale production machinery, the non-burning brick machine includes multiple complex structures such as a host machine, a mixer, a hydraulic station, a palletizer, and a batching machine. The installation and debugging process is cumbersome, and there are many things that need to be paid attention to.

If the early installation and debugging are not in place, it will affect the subsequent production and use effects and bring unnecessary trouble to the concrete brick factory. Therefore, equipment quality and after-sale service is very important. Haomei Machinery is well experienced to arrange all these matters. Welcome to leave message below to inquire hollow block maker machine price.

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