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Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine in Kenya

According to the output, the automatic concrete block making machine production lines are divided into small-scale no-burning brick machine production lines and large-scale no-burning brick machine production lines.

Generally, the small-scale concrete block production line mainly consists of a concrete block machine, automatic feeding machine, conveyor belt, a brick machine hydraulic station, a computer control cabinet, a concrete mixer,etc.

In addition to the above equipment required for the small-scale non-burning brick machine production line, the large-scale non-burning brick machine production line should also be equipped with a batching machine, cement silos, cement scales, forklifts,etc.

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According to the types of concrete blocks they produce,the concrete brick machine has different names. The hollow brick machine is also a type of non-burning brick machine equipment. Like the non-burning brick machine equipment, its production raw materials are cement, construction waste, slag, gangue, river sand, gravel, fly ash and other industrial wastes.

And the hollow brick products produced by the hollow brick machine equipment also have the advantages of earthquake resistance, fire protection, thermal insulation, sound insulation and other advantages.

The production process of the interlocking concrete brick machine is sintering-free, eliminating the waste of a large amount of coal resources and the generation of waste such as coal ash during the sintering process. The semi-dry method of brick making does not produce any dust during the entire production. The intelligent automated production line is safe and reliable, providing a good working environment for staff.

The use of tactile paving tiles is to prevent blind people from taking the wrong path. Tactile pavement tiles are not only breathable and water-absorbing, but also allow plants under the tiles to grow after being laid, and are more resistant to hardness than traditional floor tiles.

The whole machine of the tactile brick machine adopts an advanced PLC intelligent control system, which can realize human-machine dialogue, fully automatic operation, random signal analysis, automatic fault diagnosis and various parameter settings, so that the machine can achieve the best working effect.

The machine body adopts super-strong steel structure and special welding technology, and uses a large number of imported raw materials and high-quality electrical and hydraulic components to ensure that the performance of the equipment is more stable and reliable during long-term high-load operation. Welcome to leave message below to inquire interlocking, tactile paving tile and automatic hollow block making machine price.

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