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How to Deal With Inaccurate Weighing of Small Concrete Batch Plant

The weighing accuracy has close relationship with the concrete quality produced by small concrete batch plant. So how to deal with the the weighing problem of the mixing plant under daily circumstances?

A load cell is a device that converts an object's weight signal into a measurable electrical signal. For a small mobile concrete batch plant, the measurement of aggregate, powder and water are all using a beam type load cell and the S-shaped load cell is mainly used for the weighing of additives. There are usually three problems:


1. No weighing reading

This fault is very common. The weighing value of a certain scale is zero. The causes of the above faults are as follows:

a. The sensor is damaged

b. The circuit is broken

c. The signal transmitter is faulty

d. The junction box is not in good contact

The manager can check the reasons one by one.

2. The weighing value floats up and down

It is shown that a certain weight value fluctuates up and down, and exceeds the normal error range. There are two reasons: a. The mechanical vibration near the sensor is large, b. There is a high-frequency signal transmission device near the mixing station (including mobile signal tower, ultra-high voltage substation)

3. Weighing system maintenance

The load cell is a precision electrical component. It is necessary to keep away from dust, water and other substances. At the same time, we should keep the surrounding of the sensor clean. Therefore, some protective protective covers can be added to the sensor. The weighing system needs to be recalibrated at intervals.

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