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How to Improve Working Efficiency of Hot Asphalt Plant

During the construction process, if the production capacity of the hot asphalt plant is seriously insufficient and the actual production capacity is far below the rated production capacity, it is necessary to first eliminate the design defects of the equipment itself, such as the size of the drying(diameter and length), the insufficient power of the burner, small screening, low mixing power,etc.


The burner is the key equipment to ensure construction quality and improve efficiency. Hot mixe asphalt plant burners have certain requirements for fuel oil. Usually, diesel, heavy diesel or heavy oil all can be the fuel for the burner, but the mixed oil at a low price is not a good choice.

This oil has a low combustion value and less heat, which seriously affects the heating capacity of the drying drum.

In addition to equipment itself, the following factors also need to be considered:

Improper mix ratio of asphalt mixture

The mix ratio of asphalt mixture is divided into target mix ratio and production mix ratio. The target mixing ratio controls the transport ratio of cold aggregate. The production mix ratio is the mix ratio of various gravels in the finished asphalt product.

When the target mix ratio or production mix ratio is not suitable, the stone material stored for each measurement is not in proportion or other materials cannot be weighed in time, the output will be affected.

Unqualified sand and stone gradation

Each grade of sandstone has a classification range. Inadequate feed control and severe over-classification will result in a large amount of waste, which will result in the delayed measurement. This not only leads to low output, but also wastes a lot of raw materials.

The water content of sand and stone is too high

When the moisture content in the gravel is too high and the drying capacity is reduced, the amount of the gravel material for the next processing reaching to the set temperature will be enough, which will reduce the output.

In addition, batch type hot mix plant has higher working efficiency than asphalt drum mix plant. No matter which one you need, Haomei Machinery has both for you.

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