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The Common Failures of Hot Asphalt Plant

In asphalt pavement construction, hot asphalt plant is the key equipment to ensure construction quality and improve efficiency. The efficiency of hot mix asphalt plant and the concrete quality it produces are related to whether the asphalt batch plant has failures and its types.

With rich manufacturing experience of hot mix asphalt plant for sale, Haomei Machinery has made an analysis of the the cause of the failures for your reference.

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1. Unstable output and low equipment production efficiency

In production, such phenomena are often encountered. The production capacity of the equipment is seriously insufficient. The actual production capacity is far below the rated capacity of the equipment, resulting in waste of equipment and low efficiency. The reasons for this type of failure are mainly in the following aspects:

  • Improper mix ratio of asphalt concrete

  • Unqualified gradation of sand and stone

  • Excessive water content of sand and stone

  • Low fuel combustion value

  • Improper setting of equipment operating parameters

2. Asphalt concrete discharging temperature is unstable

There are strict requirements for temperature in the production process of asphalt concrete. Too high temperature will make asphalt scorch while too low temperature will make the asphalt and the gravel mix unevenly.

There are two reasons for this kind of failure: one is that asphalt heating temperature control is not accurate; the other is that the temperature control of sand and gravel heating is not accurate.

3. Unstable asphalt-gravel ratio

It refers to refers to the ratio of asphalt weight to the weight of aggregate such as gravel and sand, which is the most important index for controlling the quality of asphalt concrete. he main reasons are:

  • The content of dirt and dust in sand and stone exceeds the standard seriously.

  • The measurement system is faulty. The usual case is that the zero point of the asphalt measurement scale and the mineral powder measurement scale drifts.

4. Heavy dust pollution

There are two main reasons: The main reasons are:

  • The amount of mud and dust in the sand and stone materials is too large, which seriously exceeds the standard.

  • There is something wrong with secondary dust removal system such as low pulse pressure or the damaged or clogged bags.

Whenever there is something wrong with the hot mix asphalt plant, Haomei machinery, hot mix asphalt plant manufacturer can give you professional help in time.

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