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Mini and Large Concrete Mixer Models

The twin shaft concrete mixer is one of the most common concrete mixers. It has 2 horizontal mixing shafts with a number of mixing blades installed on the shafts. The horizontal double-shaft concrete mixer can be used to mix various fluid, hard or high-hard concrete mixtures. It is generally used in concrete batching plant and some outdoor construction sites.

There are different models. JS500 and JS750 are mini RMC mixers. The output of the JS500 concrete mixer is an equipment with a theoretical output of 25 cubic meters of concrete per hour. The JS500 mixer feeds 800 liters and outputs half a cubic meter of concrete (500 liters) every 72 seconds, which is approximately 0.5 cubic meters of concrete. Therefore, the output of the 500 twin shaft mixer is 0.5 cubic meters each time.

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The JS500 mixer is used in HZS25 concrete batching plant(25 means that the output of the mixing station per hour is 25 cubic meters). This is a simple station or engineering station, and the general working time is 8 hours. , the daily output is about 20*8=160 cubic meters.

The JS750 concrete mixer includes a manual lubrication pump, a mixing motor and a reducer, 4 sets of advanced sealing devices, wear-resistant bushings, 14 mixing blades and a pneumatic control discharge device. Each discharge is 0.75 cubic meters, and the hourly production rate is 35m3/h. It is usually used as the concrete mixer of HZS35 concrete batching plant.

JS2000 and JS4000 concrete mixers are large cement mixers for sale. The JS2000 concrete mixer, also called 2 m3 concrete mixer, is generally used with PLD3200 to form a hzs120 concrete mixing plant. Therefore, the feeding capacity of the JS2000 concrete mixer is 3200L. Each time it can discharge 2000 liters.

Taking into account the external factors, the actual output is between 100-110 cubic meters of concrete. A 2-cubic concrete mixer consumes 101 degrees of electricity to mix 100 cubic meters of concrete. It can mix both dry and hard concrete, plastic concrete, and can also mix mortar and lightweight aggregate.

The JS4000 concrete mixer has a productivity of 200m³/h, a discharge capacity of 4000L, and a mixing shaft speed of 22.08 rpm. JS4000 concrete mixer combines the advantages of Shicoma concrete mixers. It realized no manual cleaning, non-stick mixing shaft, non-stick mixing drum cover. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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