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What Is Concrete Batching Plant Wastewater Treatment

Industry background

The wet batch concrete plant is a large water user in the construction industry. According to reports, every 1m3 of concrete produced requires 0.17t of clean water and produces an average of 0.03t of wastewater and waste slurry. The main sources of wastewater from the readymix concrete plant are:

1. The cleaning water generated by cleaning the concrete mixers, concrete mixer truck, concrete pump and ground.

2. Wastewater and slurry produced by the sand and gravel separation system.

3. Rainwater in the factory area.

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Water quality analysis

The substances in the sewage of the concrete mixing plant mainly come from the the raw materials of mixing concrete, including fine cement, fly ash particles and their hydration product particles, fine aggregate particles and clay or silt particles brought by the aggregate, soluble inorganic salts, admixture ions, sulfates, sulfides, etc. brought in by cement, admixtures, antifreeze, expansion agents, etc.

It mainly contains Ca2+, Na+, K+, SO42- and OH- ions and is alkaline. Therefore, it cannot be discharged directly, and when used as recycled water, it is affected by the concentration of ions, pH, etc., so it can only be mixed with fresh water to produce low-strength concrete.

Treatment technology

At present, the commonly used method to treat wastewater from is to use inorganic acids including sulfuric acid, hydrochloride acid, nitric acid, etc. to adjust the pH of the wastewater to neutral and discharge it to meet the discharge standards. Due to the use of inorganic acids, a large amount of inorganic ions will be introduced into the wastewater, making it impossible to recycle the wastewater.

The concrete mixing station sewage treatment equipment is a comprehensive concrete wastewater recycling system. The system includes a wastewater drainage system for cleaning mixers and tank trucks, a second drainage pipe and a third-level sedimentation tank.

The wastewater drainage system is connected to a third-level sedimentation tank. The sediments in the mixed water settle in the third-level sedimentation tank. The mixed water is transported to the concrete production equipment through the second drainage pipe.

The comprehensive utilization process of wastewater and waste residue from sewage treatment equipment in concrete mixing stations includes the following steps:

(1) Wash the waste concrete with circulating water to obtain a mixed slurry;

(2) Introduce the mixed slurry into the mixing separator for thorough cleaning to obtain separated cement slurry water and sand;

(3) Cement slurry water is used to mix concrete.

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