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What Is A Standard General Asphalt Plant

The standard general asphalt plant refers to a complete set of equipment used for batch production of asphalt concrete. It is currently a necessary equipment for the construction of highways, graded highways, municipal roads, airports and ports. For this kind of equipment, many requirements need to be met when using it, such as stability and simplicity.

Asphalt mixing plant can be divided into two types according to the process flow: batch type and continuous type. The selection of asphalt mixing equipment should be determined according to the project volume, project progress and other requirements.

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The batch type asphalt mixing plants generally produce one batch every 45 seconds, so an asphalt mixing plant with a mixing tank capacity of 1500KG can produce 120 tons per hour (tph). The advantage of a batch type asphalt mixing plant is that the finished asphalt mixture is of high quality and no aggregate is wasted. Another advantage is its ability to switch mix specifications as needed.

Since the asphalt mixing station uses an automatic weighing system, accurate measurement is the key to ensuring the quality of the mixture and the accuracy of the oil-stone ratio. Regular calibration of the measurement system and laboratory extraction and screening tracking inspections are critical to controlling the quality of the mixture.

To save energy in an batching type asphalt mixing plant, it mainly refers to saving fuel and electricity. The most important thing is to save fuel, which depends on whether the raw materials, fuel, combustion system and production process are energy-saving.

The factors that affect the energy saving of the hot mix batching plant run through the entire process of mixing plant design, manufacturing and use. Among them, the processes related to energy saving in mixing station production can be divided into material heating and insulation processes and fuel combustion and smoke exhaust processes.

Bag dust removal is a more suitable dust removal mode in asphalt mixing. Bag dust removal is a dry dust removal mode, suitable for dust removal of smaller particles, and is very suitable for dust removal during asphalt mixing. Bag dust removal does not need to waste water resources and will not cause secondary pollution. In addition, the dust removal effect of bag dust removal is better, which is much better than that of wind dust removal.

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