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The Installation and Relocation of Mini Mobile Batching Plant

The mini mobile batching plant is developed on the basis of the stationary concrete mixing plant. It concentrates the material storage, weighing, conveying, mixing, unloading and automatic control systems of the concrete mixing plant on the semi-trailer unit, with compact structure and good overall performance.

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When the projects of a construction site is completed, the portable concrete plant is disassembled and transferred. When transferring, the batching machine is transported as a module. The main structure is a trailer-mounted design, and the main system is integrated on the trailer chassis and transported as an integral module.

The main body and batching machine have been designed to be mobile, equipped with wheels and tires, and designed in accordance with semi-trailer standards, meeting the requirements of transportation size specifications. After being towed by a trailer, it is allowed to travel on the highway.

Before installation, the ground where the equipment is placed must be leveled and hardened. The installation site should reserve space for crane parking and operation. The installation process is as follows:

1. Use a crane to assemble the front legs and their diagonal braces, and fix the front and rear legs on the ground.

2. Rotate and lower the control room in the main body and fix it.

3. Hoist and fix the external boxes on both sides of the main body

4. Remove the transportation tooling and install the upper box.

Until now, the China mobile concrete mixing plant is installed and can start debugging. From the actual installation experience, the first installation of the main station can be completed within 3 days, and the transition installation time is also greatly shortened.

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