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The Pneumatic System Analysis of Portable Batching Plant

No matter it is a portable batching plant or a stationary concrete plant, many mechanisms are driven by air pressure. Pneumatic drive has the advantages of low cost and no pollution, avoiding oil leakage and dust staining.

The pneumatic system consists of a manifold valve, a filter pressure reducing valve, a flow aid air cushion, a pneumatic butterfly valve, a pneumatic ball vibrator, an air compressor,gas storage tank, air cylinder, air pipe,etc.

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Its working principle is that the high-pressure gas from the air compressor is processed by the triple air source component and enters the solenoid valve. When the solenoid valve receives the control signal, the corresponding circuit is connected, and the compressed air enters the driving element (cylinder, vibrator,flow aid air cushion) to complete the corresponding actions such as the open and close of the material door.

When the pneumatic components are working separately or simultaneously, the working pressure should be greater than 0.4MPa. The air compressor is a main kind of the pneumatic system of the portable batch plant.

There are two control modes for air compressors: air-regulated control (semi-automatic) and electrical control( full-automatic). Regulated air compressors use a pressure regulating valve to control the loading or unloading of the compressor. The electrical air compressor is generally used in systems with small air consumption and infrequent loading and unloading.

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