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How to Build small concrete batch plant

The construction of a small concrete batch plant is relatively simple, then what should the customer pay attention to during the building of this equipment?

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1. Layout of portable batching plant

The site layout of the portable batching plant includes the arrangement of mixers, cement silos, batching machines, reservoirs, and stockyards. During construction, the land should be planned well to ensure the area of each part.

2. Site construction

  • Level the site for the small concrete batch plant. The leveling of the site shall be carried out in accordance with the principle of high in the middle and low in the surrounding area to facilitate the smooth discharge of ground water and avoid water accumulation on the site.

  • The roads of the small mixing plant shall be hardened, with gravel or sand spread underneath, and 15cm mortar shall be poured on the top as the surface layer.

  • Set drainage ditches on both sides of the portable batching plant to lead all the water to the sewage treatment site, and discharge it outside the site after precipitation treatment. Concealed ditch is set in the concrete mixing plant to ensure that there is no accumulation of water when there is heavy rain.

3. The installation of mini mobile concrete batching plant

As long as you buy mobile concrete batching plant from us, we will have professional people to guide you or install the equipment for you.

4. Construction of stockyard

Build multiple silos to store sand, gravel, cement, admixtures, etc. according to different specifications and varieties. The drainage ditches are set in the silo along the partition walls. A colored aluminum tile shed is set up on the top of the silo to prevent the external environment from affecting the sand and gravel.

5. Construction of the reservoir

The pool is close to the mini mobile concrete batching plant, built with bricks 240mm thick, 2.5m in length and width, 1m in height, and plastered with cement mortar.

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