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Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine for Sale

The production of a concrete brick requires not only an automatic concrete block making machine for sale, but also some auxiliary equipment. The complete concrete brick machine production line includes multiple equipment.

The concrete brick production lines are divided into small scale concrete block production line and large brick machine production line according to output. Generally speaking, a set of small unburned brick machine production line is mainly composed of unburned block forming machine, fully automatic loading machine, fully automatic unloading machine, automatic distributing machine, brick machine hydraulic station, computer control cabinet, mixer, brick machine mold , belt conveyor, etc.

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In addition to the equipment required for the above-mentioned small unburned brick machine production line, the large-scale unburned brick machine production line should also be equipped with automatic brick stacking machines, batching machines, cement silos, cement scales, forklifts,etc.

Concrete block making machine for sale advantages

1. Environmental protection

The fully automatic concrete brick machine does not produce waste gas, waste residue, waste water, etc. during the production process. Instead, it reuses fly ash, construction waste, and industrial waste residue that pollute the environment as raw materials.

A small unburned brick machine can consume 20,000 tons of waste slag every year, which can reduce the processing cost of 27437.1 dollars for the waste slag generator and reduce the burial site of more than 14000 m2.

2. Protect land resources

Traditional construction waste, tailings, and fly ash are buried, which will occupy a large amount of land resources. After being processed by a fully automatic brick-free machine, they will no longer be buried, which can reduce more than 20000-27000 m2.

3. Realize the rational reuse of resources

The fully automatic concrete brick machine realizes the rational reuse of construction waste, fly ash, tailings and other resources, reduces the excessive utilization of land and coal resources, and realizes the sustainable development of society

4. Reduce environmental pollution

The concrete block making machines can reduce the pollution of the waste gas and waste slag produced by the brick factory to the environment, and can also reduce groundwater resources.

5. Improve living environment

The concrete bricks has the characteristics of sound insulation, fire prevention, and heat preservation. Using this kind of brick to build buildings can improve the living environment of the people. Welcome to leave message below to inquire block making machine prices.

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