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What Does A Wet Batch Concrete Plant Consist of

In recent years, many engineering contractors have chosen to purchase more and more small wet batch concrete plants. So what does a complete set of small concrete mixing plants include?

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1. Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixers are divided into compulsory concrete mixer and drum concrete mixer. The twin shaft concrete mixer is the mainstream concrete mixer. It can mix a variety of concrete such as fluid, air-dry forced and dry-hard concrete.

2. Weighing system

The raw material weighing system is the core component that affects the performance, quality and cost of concrete products. It is mainly divided into three parts: aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing.

3. Conveyor system

The conveying system software mainly includes aggregate conveying, powder conveying, and liquid additive conveying. There are two types of aggregate transportation in small mixing plants: hopper bin transportation and transmission belt transportation.

The advantages of the lifting hopper are its small footprint and compact structure. The advantages of transmission belt conveying are large conveying distance, high work efficiency and low failure rate.

The commonly used powder conveying method is screw conveyor, which has the advantages of compact structure, low cost and reliable application. Liquid transportation mainly refers to water and liquid superplasticizer, which are transported by centrifugal water pumps respectively.

4. Storage of materials

The material storage methods of concrete raw materials are basically the same. Aggregate is accumulated in a closed material yard; powder is stored in a steel silo with a closed steel frame structure; concrete admixtures are stored in a filling machine.

5. Automatic control system

The automatic control system of a small concrete batching plant is the brain of the entire machine. The automatic control system can have different functions and configurations according to the different requirements of users. Generally, the automatic control system of a small concrete mixing plant will be simpler.

Small concrete mixing plan models

There are not many models of small concrete mixing plants, including HZS25, HZS35 and HZS50 concrete batching plant. They do not occupy a large area and their production efficiency is not very high. You can choose a small concrete mixing station model according to your actual needs.

Work flow of small RMC batching plant

The aggregate is discharged from the discharging door of the aggregate bin of the batching machine into the aggregate measuring hopper for measurement. After measurement, it is unloaded onto the running flat belt, which is sent to the bucket elevator. At the same time, cement and fly ash are transported by the screw conveyor to their respective measuring hoppers for measurement. Water and admixtures are pumped to their respective measuring hoppers for measurement by water pumps and admixture pumps respectively.

After the various materials are measured, the control system issues instructions to start feeding the materials into the concrete mixer in sequence for mixing. After the mixing is completed, the discharge door of the concrete mixer is opened, and the concrete is discharged into the concrete mixer truck through the discharge hopper, and then the concrete batching plant enters the next work cycle. Welcome to leave message below to inquire RMC batching plant price.

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