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Different Types of Automatic Cement Block Machine for Sale

The automatic cement block machine for sale is a type of non-combustible brick machine. It uses slag, fly ash, stone powder, sand, stone, cement and other main raw materials to mix and stir. It is a mechanical equipment that presses building materials with high pressure through a hydraulic system.

Hollow brick machine equipment is also a type of non-burning brick machine. Any machine that can produce 4 hollow blocks of the specification 390×190×190 (mm) at one time is called a Type 4 machine in the industry; any machine that can produce 6 hollow blocks of 390×190×190 (mm) at one time is called 6-type machine. This is how the type 8 came about as well.

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The production process of the interlocking block making machine is sintering-free, eliminating the waste of a large amount of coal resources and the generation of waste such as coal ash during the sintering process. The semi-dry method of brick making does not produce any dust during the entire production. The automatic concrete block making machine for sale is safe and reliable, providing a good working environment for staff.

As the name suggests, the tactile pavement brick machine is a brick machine equipment specially used to produce pavement bricks for the blind. It is mainly used for paving on urban roads, train stations, bus stations, subway platforms, intercity railways, and sidewalks. It is a special facility for disabled people to safely guide their walking without barriers.

You only need to change the mold to produce various Dutch bricks, blocks, non-fired bricks, permeable bricks, hollow bricks, cement colored bricks, grass-planted bricks, blind bricks, curb stones, grass-planted bricks and other cement bricks.

The egg laying concrete block machine s produced on a specific site. The formed blocks do not move, but the mechanical equipment moves. When this type of block forming machine produces blocks, the site must be flat and solid. The one-time investment of this equipment is small, but the density of the formed blocks is not high, and the outer dimensions are difficult to guarantee. According to the transmission mode of the block forming machine, it can be divided into three types: mechanical, hydraulic and manual. Welcome to leave message below to inquire automatic concrete block making machine price.

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